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Cantinium - the NFT marketplace of great Italian bottles.
We create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on the best Italian wines and distillates of excellence, certifying and guaranteeing the supply chain from producer to consumer.

Precious bottles are perishable goods that must be kept in optimal conditions to reach their maximum potential and are increasingly subject to counterfeiting.
Their value increases when there is the certainty of their authenticity and their correct conservation over time.

We select the bottles of excellence from the best Italian producers which have a great aging capacity and which must be expected to express themselves to the fullest of their organoleptic capabilities.
We certify the authenticity purchasing exclusively from producers.
We guarantee the preservation of quality over time by keeping the bottles in a cellar where we regulate and monitor temperature, humidity and brightness.
We detect these parameters using technological IoT (Internet of Things), making them available and accessible to customers.
Transparency is fundamental for us. We record the data on the Polygon blockchain to make them verifiable and incontrovertible, creating NFTs (non-fungible tokens) linked to the individual bottles, which also determine their certificate of ownership.
This is how we create the traceability of the bottles by recording their history once they leave the producers’ cellars, creating a new sales channel through NFTs.

You can choose the period of time in which to entrust us with the bottle, to allow you to taste it at the moment you prefer, receiving it in the comfort of your home or reselling it in your personal area.

Cantinium is an innovative startup with the aim of allowing great Italian wines to be appreciated at the peak of their maturity.
We want to guide customers in the discovery of rare and precious products, in order to offer new purchasing and bottle custody experiences, thanks to the creation of NFT.

We are a benefit company because we provide a transparent and safe service for consumers, avoiding fraud and bad storage, which can damage the contents of the bottles. We want to give you the guarantee that your bottle is a unique and unrepeatable product of extreme value.

With the aim of having a significant impact on sustainability, we integrate a social strategy of consumer protection, product preservation and promotion of the excellence of the Italian territory.

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